Lap Yip - Art - Schillerproject

Lap Yip

Rudolstadt, Thüringen

Germany, Summer 2009

Memorial Art Projekt dedicated to Friedrich Schiller

The artist was invited to make a piece of work based on the historical ties the city of Rudolstadt has with the poet Friedrich Schiller.
The artist selected an abandoned old house as a background for his installation which he constructed as a theaterlike showcase.
Lap Yip constructed an artificial room out of styrofoam as a major material, which included a one-to-one copy of two old chairs as a base for a stuffed fox.

Schillerproject - Art - Picture 1 The installation is illuminated with neon lighing, which provides a reflection from the surface of the shiny white material, intensified by hanging metallic material, alltogether highly contrasting the appearance of the natural animal.

The installation is filled with symbolic meaning and poetic sense, which perhaps has been inspired by the lifestory of Friedrich Schiller. Schillerproject - Art - Detail - Picture 2

Picture 1:
Installation view
Picture 2:
Detail of the Installation
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